Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More firsts!

I have read over and over that the first year is full of "firsts" and they aren't kidding!

Today, H my dear, you were quite a grumpy monkey while we drove around town but that was due solely on the fact that you woke at 4 am and didn't get the correct number (or correct quality) of naps.  But we had a great day nonetheless.  We may become Y members.  No, check that, we WILL become Y members.  I want to give you as many social outlets as I can (while doing the same for me!).  You seemed to like it and was waving to the tour guide the whole time.  You rock!

Today we tried a sippy cup for the first time.  You did GREAT!  You picked that puppy up and drank right out of it!  I think the ice cold water surprised you at first but you loved it and drank more after the initial shock.  Isn't water yummy???  I had it nonstop for nine months, my child!

Your other big first was putting your whale tub in mommy and daddy's bath tub!  Last night, with your tub in the kitchen sink, everything (including me) was completely soaked post bath!  You have officially learned how incredibly fun it is to kick your feet to create a splash.  You are too cute...big belly laughs each time because you get mommy wet.  I just love your laughs...and there are so many of them in a day!!  I just love that you are happy, enthusiastic and have such a great sense of humor!

You are sitting up on your own so much better than JUST yesterday!  It is amazing to watch you evolve.  How did I get so lucky to have such a great person in my life!?!

Tomorrow will be a pain - literally.  We are going to the doc for your six month check up which will inevitably involve shots.  I wish daddy could come with us but he is out of town working hard to give us this incredible life.  So it will be us, as a team, crying together and getting through the boo shots!!  You always handle it better than I do.  What a trooper!

We are still working on solids.  There are some days that you like your oatmeal and some days you don't.  Today you didn't.  I don't force it.  I am all about letting you guide me as to what you are ready for and what you aren't.  But I do have some awesome storage containers when I start making your baby food!  I am super excited about it!  I have heard great things about, not only how it saves so much money, but how I can introduce spices, herbs and flavors that the jarred foods don't.  I wouldn't eat those jarred foods so I don't expect you to like them either.  I am hoping that I will start you with homemade so that you get to explore flavors from the beginning.  I am going to talk to your doc about it tomorrow.

That's all for now dear.  I am going to come check on your beautiful sleeping face and then head to bed myself.  Sometimes I wish so bad that we could just sleep cuddling with each other.  Stupid SIDS!  It so isn't worth the risk but I sure would love it!

Six months old in 2 days!!

**Pictures to come of these firsts another day.  Too tired to look for the cable right now!  :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paranoid momma needs to make way to instinctual momma

My dearest H,

Sorry about the drama at the doctor's office last week! 

Paranoid Momma

Yes, I took H in a mere week before her six month well check.  Why you ask? all started with a noise.

H started making this noise, usually when she is excited, that sounds like an out-loud "gasp."  I didn't think much about it when I first heard it thinking that it was probably just a new noise that she was experimenting with...

Then T heard it.  He asked me how long she had been doing it.  Maybe about a week (he had been out of town).  He said that we may want to call the doc to make sure it isn't something serious.  He goes on to say that his Dad is asthmatic and that upper respiratory infections run in his family!  Ummm, ok!  Now I am concerned!

I took her in and explained the sound to Dr E.  She said that what I was describing didn't sound asthmatic but more like something obstructing the airway.  She asked me if H could have picked up anything off the floor and swallowed it.  Since H and I are connected at the hip, I couldn't imagine how that could be possible.  But then I figured anything was possible and agreed to the X-rays she suggested. 

I have NEVER seen H cry so much or so hard.  It was heartbreaking.  They put her in a hard plastic tube-like torture chamber that sent her in a tailspin.  I could hardly console her.  Check that - I could NOT console her.  She was so upset.  It was heartbreaking.  Obstruction?  Nope.  Useless X-ray?  Yep.

Doc said to keep an eye on her but that it really could just be a new sound she is having fun with...and that was the full circle back to my "motherly instinct" that takes a beating by my alter-mommy ego...paranoid momma!

So sorry H!  I hated that I put you through that but Daddy and I both feel it is better to be safe than sorry!  But your next appointment is this Thur and shots are in store.  Ugh.  Sorry sweetie!

But the good news is...we will be heading to Louisville a week from tomorrow!  I am so excited I could pee myself and you probably already have!  Daddy and big sis will be coming too!  It will be so much fun!!!

Here are the photos that I framed in a tri-fold frame for T for Father's Day.  He loved it!


Six months...five more days!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My baby is clubin'

That's right...H is now a part of her first "club."  The Kids' Club at the gym.  Today was day 2 of our new routine and it was another success.  The only time H wasn't happy at the Club was when they tried to put her in the swing.  My girl is 5 months going on 16.  Girl doesn't want to be strapped in to some baby toy.  Boo to that!  She wants to sit up, stand up, participate with the other older than she is!

Little H is growing more and more everyday!  She is just sooo long!  I can't get over how long she is.  And her strength is amazing!  She is now sitting forward in her big girl stroller and, for the first time today, rode in a Target cart outside of that hot car seat!  She had a blast!  Even though it was pretty close to nap time, she was in great spirits and ready to shop.  Scary, huh??


I am still trying to get H to eat her "solids" - so funny that they call it "solids."  There is nothing solid about it.  I thought maybe, since she didn't seem to enjoy her rice cereal anymore, that I would try oatmeal as well as green beans.  I have been trying to make my own purees for her to try but decided that I would buy a processed baby food (Gerber) of green beans to see if that made a difference.

The first bite of green beans ended in, what I thought looked like, a grandpa face!  Her eyebrows crunched together and her entire face wrinkled in disgust.  I thought, hmmm.  Maybe she just needs to get used to it.  Here, H, another bite!  This bite not only ended in the same look of disgust but an added body shudder accompanied it!  I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Green beans was not going to be a success.  But let's just try one more bite.  This time she didn't even let it get to the first taste bud.  She raspberried it out and all over me, the highchair and the floor.  Ok, momma's got it!  No green beans.

At this point, I've ticked her off so much with this new disgusting taste (which, by the way, I slightly tasted to see if it did taste like green beans - LIARS!!), the oatmeal didn't have a chance.  She was ramping up to a full wail so I took her out of her high chair and gave her a bottle.  Ahhh, finally.  Sweet success!

I guess she just isn't ready yet.

Still waiting on one of these vicious teeth to pop through.  Stop torturing my baby and pop through already!  Geez!!

Some of the latest H pics (sorry they aren't real high quality - taken with my phone and trying to focus on a moving target):

Lovin' her some bath time

Lovin' me some cute britches!

"Were you seriously just taking a picture of my butt??"


...go lucky

"Maybe this will stop it from playing that same song over and over!"

What will tomorrow bring?? 

Monday, June 7, 2010

The latest...

Oh Hayden McGrace...

You are simply amazing and definitely my bestest buddy!  You are really starting to master rolling from back to tummy and from tummy to back.  You get such a proud look on your face!  As do I.

You have been having a pretty tough time with your teething lately and, a couple of weekends ago, you had the highest temp of your young life - 100.  But it cleared up with some generic Tylenol & lots of love and cuddles. 

We keep trying solids but you keep resisting.  Sometimes you are all about it but, when I explore with something more flavorful than rice cereal and soy formula, you scowl and let it slowly leak from your lips.  I know you will find it interesting soon!  I'm in no hurry.  Take your time growing up!

We checked out Kids' Club today at the gym.  I think it is going to be perfect for both of us.  It will give you the kid time I feel you are longing and adult time that I need.  I could tell you would be ok when we walked in and you saw the other kids.  You started bouncing around in my arms and doing your excited monkey noises!  Tomorrow is our big day of giving it a shot!

You are growing so much everyday!  You LOVE to laugh and do so OFTEN!  It is wonderful that I can make you laugh so melts my heart.  You are now starting to lay your head on my shoulder and hold on to me tightly when I pick you up...both of which makes me fall harder for you!!  You love our furry babies and giggle pink when their tails graze your face.  You love big bear.  You love my laptop & my phone.  You love our Skype calls with Grandma & Papa John on Sundays and GPD & Grammie T on Thursdays.  Well, until it is time for a bottle or a nap!

You're amazing to me.  My closest buddy.  The extension of my hip.  Your eyes light up the room and your smile melts my heart.  Your hugs are amazing and your "face eating" is adorable.  I love the new things you do each day...your sense of adventure.  Your compassion for life.  I want you to grow up so I can see what you will become but I want you to remain where you are so that I can kiss that soft skin and breathe in that sweet scent of baby. 

I love you, my Hayden.  You are the world to me.  The entire world.  The world that is yours.  I feel like I have won the NY lottery every morning I walk in and see you look up at me and smile your big gummy smile.  That is how I want every day...even my final be.

My daughter.  My love.  My Hayden.