Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little H, you are 5 months today.  I say this at every month birthday...I know it sounds like it hasn't been very long since we first met, we have been through so much and have gotten to know each other so well, it feels like I have known you forever...maybe I have always known you in my heart and just didn't know it.

Your 5 months birthday was spent with your Aunt Erin.  She came over to help mommy entertain you while I worked on some major house projects - clean Tay's room and clean the office.  It was funny watching your face when you walked in to big sissy's room.  It sure was a mess huh?  You scowled in your cute way!  That certainly gives me hope for the future that you will be a clean freak like me!

Our buddy Jason came over to help mommy with a project we are working on.  He just goes on and on about how cute you are and how much you look like daddy!  It is are a cutie and you do look like your daddy!

You had four solid, one-hour naps and you went down like a champ!  Even doing your concentration face...not sure what that was all about but it sure was funny!  I had to try and hold in my giggles so that I wouldn't break your concentration to sleep.

What you are doing right now:
> Eating cereal once a day...we tried banana one night and avocado another night but both were a bust.  However...I think I was trying to feed you solids too late in the evening so we tried it an hour earlier today (with just cereal) and it was a HUGE success!  You even helped hold the spoon!
> You are still trying to roll over but nothing consistent yet.
> You saw your cousin, L, who is five months older than you crawl and you really wanted to try it.  You leaned forward out of my lap and face planted.  Silly girl!
> You love walking in the backyard at 6:30 in the evening when you start getting cranky.  I love how gentle you are with touching the flowers.
> You love Jackson, Jazzy and Kizzy - you try to pet them all but I sometimes have to stop you because you start grabbing & pulling.  They aren't all about that at all!
> You are certainly teething - rubbing your gums forcefully with your fist, giving Sophie the what-for and drooling something like the Niagra Falls!
> Out of all the toys you have...your favorite thing to play with is the wipes package!
> You LOVE my phone and my computer!!
> You are actually learning to wave!  We say hello and wave to things outside your window in the morning and say goodbye and goodnight to things in the backyard before bed.  You watch me so intently while I show you new things.  You are incredibly smart!
> You are starting to do better with sitting least for the first second.  And then the lean gets you every time!
> You still prefer to stand.
> You love looking at pictures.

And here are more pictures for you to look at...happy 5 months Hayden!

Hey mommy, what's up?

What was that?  Did you say you are taking pictures?

Please tell me you are kidding!  It is 6 am, we just woke up!!

Well that didn't mean to lay me back down!  Geesh!

Mommy, don't make me break out my kickboxing moves!

Ok, if I promise to smile for you, will you please stop taking pictures and get my bottle ready?

Here's one

Here's another

Last chance

Are we done?

Geez mommy.  Did I mention it is 6 am?

Now I am just ignoring you...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My sweet Hayden...

As this week wraps up, there are many "firsts" for you!  It has been so exciting and I am just so proud of you (as I always am).

Your first FIRST this past week, eating "solids."  This first happened on Monday, May 17, 2010.  Granted, solids = slop in this case.  But, as the days have progressed, we have made your cereal a bit thicker and you seem to like it (other than tonight because you were so tired you just wanted your bottle, bath and bed).

We fed you your first bite with the spoon Grammie T gave you (in memory of her mom, Memaw).  Then we switched to plastic spoons for ease of operation.  The first round of cereal ended up more on your bib than in your mouth but you were so enthusiastic!!  You were leaning in to get more and looked like a baby bird with that mouth wide open!  You are slowly becoming more used to the idea of a spoon but still stare longingly at whatever Daddy and I are eating.  Sorry.  Baby steps (no pun intended).  You will be able to eat those chips and salsa before you know it!!

This week (today, actually), was your first time in a swimming pool!!  We went to Aunt Lauren and Uncle Ryan's apartment pool along with cousin L.  We got there kinda late (around 4) which was getting close to nap time but you still had such a GREAT time (even though the water was quite frigid).  After we both got used to the water (and Daddy was the rock star by taking you into the deep end), we all had such a great time.  Sometimes you looked confused - especially when you would splash water in your face.  But it always ended with a big smile and some laughs!!  You looked so adorable with your new suit from Grandma and your big sun hat.

Oh,a funny side note.  While we were waiting for Daddy so that we could leave the house to head to the pool, I was holding you on my left side and reached for my water on the island.  As I moved the cup closer to me, I felt water hit my foot and the floor.  I was pretty surprised since it was a plastic cup - was there that much condensation?  Ummm, no.  You had peed.  And, although I had a swimmer diaper on you, it wasn't enough to contain your pee.  So I rushed us both upstairs and changed you.  I put a regular diaper on under a swimmer.  Too funny!

As we approached 5 PM, the flags were sent up to let me know you were on your last leg.  Rubbing of eyes, yawning and digging your face into mine let me know quickly that it was time to wrap you snugly in a towel, change you into dry clothes and head on out.

As we drove off, you started fussing a lot and getting upset.  Poor thing.  You were soooo tired.  But, as what always works, we put on some jazz and you were IMMEDIATELY out!  You LOVE your jazz!!  That makes me and Daddy both very proud!  You probably like it because you heard it while in my belly.  We listen to it every evening.

When we got home you were a mix between hungry and tired.  I tried feeding you your cereal but you were NOT interested.  But, the bottle?  Heck yeah!  You wanted instant gratification.  No more learning the whole spoon thing...just give me what I know.  I'm hungry!

Just like every night, when your "witching hour" hit at 6:30 you became very upset and restless.  And, like Daddy and I always do, we took you for a walk around the garden and around the back yard.  You love it and it calms you instantly.  We came back in and noticed that you were completely zoned out and exhausted.  We decided to get your bath started early and get you on to bed.  After about 5 oz of your bottle you were OUT!!  I gave you a kiss on your head, told you I loved you and headed on out of your room.  All along with a big smile on my face.  It was such a wonderful week of seeing you experience so many new things.  You are amazing.

And, have I mentioned your foot fetish??  You love feet!!  Especially mine!  And mine need a lot of work!!!  I am becoming self conscious of them now that you are always diving for them.  I think I need a pedi!

I love you my sweetie.  You are the most amazing person!


Pics from your FIRST day at the pool:













Friday, May 14, 2010

Sweet baby Hayden...

I wanted to let you know how sweet it was yesterday when we Skyped Daddy while he was out of reached for the computer screen and "touched" his face sweetly. 

And when you have your bottle and caress my face...

Or lift up your hand to be kissed by Mommy...

Or gently play with my hair...

You are so amazingly sweet, gentle and loving!  I am already bursting with pride!!

I love you so incredibly much!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Day in the Life

Sweet little Hayden...she will be five months in 14 days!  Two weeks!  It is totally unbelieveable although I feel like she has been a part of my life...a part of me...for much longer! 

Some new developments:
> She now attempts (and sometimes accomplishes) holding her bottle by herself!
> She is starting to get stronger core muscles meaning she can sit up unassisted...for all of about 10 seconds...but she is on her way!
> She is the sweetest thing...she loves to rub my face or Daddy's face.  She just looks at you so lovingly and softy caresses your face.  I love it.
> She still plays the "foot game" everywhere
> She is so observant and loves to touch and "pet" things including her teddy bears
> She randomly rolls over...nothing consistent as of yet
> She fights me as hard as a 4.5 month, 14 lb, 27" girl can do up against a big girl like myself when it comes to naps...believe it or not...sometimes she wins.  I don't know why sleepy babies don't sleep!
> She is now wearing 3-6 month or 6 month clothes because of her incredible length!
> She adores her bath!  Even if she is in complete mid-crankiness, she will smile and play when it comes to her bath
> She used to sleep through the night pretty consistent for several she is waking up once...sometimes twice...a night.
> She loves (and calms down to) jazz
> I had her feel my cup one time when I got ice out of the ice maker (it is a loud noise and it would startle her everytime so I tried to 'explain' it to her) and now she holds out her hand to feel my cup every time I get ice.
> She LOVES paddy cake (my special version), head-shoulders-knees-and toes, and her custom "Hayden Grace" song
> She loves the pets so much!  Jazzy is the only one that really lets her 'in'.  H is SOOO gentle and loving. 
> H loves the pic of T, Tay and pregnant me above her changing table.  She gets very excited and just looks at each of us.  So sweet!
> She loves her elephant humidifier...I don't know why

A day in the life:
H usually wakes up "for good" around 6 AM (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).  I get her up and usually go see Daddy in bed.  We hang out, wake up, play until she starts 'informing' me that she is ready to eat (this is usually with high pitched squeals).  Bottle one usually equals about 3 oz.  Then she plays a bit either in her bouncer or on a quilt with some toys.  Around 7:30 or 8, she goes down (not easily) for a nap.

Her naps are typically pretty short so...around 8:30 or 9 she wakes up and is ready for a REAL bottle of 4 oz (sometimes 5).  We play a bit and then head for another nap (after reading a story) around 11 or so...another fun fight.

Thirty minutes to an hour later, she is awake and ready for another bottle (about 4 oz).  We play/she plays, usually in her room (so I can get some straightening done) and hang out together.  Around 1 or so she is tired again.

You are seeing the pattern, right?  Her next nap time is usually around 4 or 5.  Bottles increase as the evening approaches...I think it is to get her ready for the night ahead.  6:30 is her "witching hour" when she is just crazy grumpy!  That is when we will all go "walk the backyard" and look at the landscaping and garden.  This really calms her down.

About 7:15 is bath time followed by a lotion massage, clean diaper and tucked in the Woombie.  We head up to bed with up to 6 oz of formula mixed with Colic Calm.  She is almost ALWAYS out and in her crib no later than 8 PM.

Over several weeks H would sleep through the entire night - going to bed at 8 pm and waking at 6 am.  Now, over the past several days, she is waking up around 2 or 3 (like she used to) to eat and then again as early as 5. 

Rinse and repeat!

My Mother's Day with my beautiful nugget was awesome!  I feel so lucky to be her Mom.  She is incredible, smart and beautiful.  What a great baby girl!  I love when she plays feet with me or when she tries to "eat my face."  She is an amazing little person!

Some pics:

Her new "toy bin"


Mother's Day

First time Momma's on Momma's Day

The cousin's playing - L showing H the ropes!

Cousin L hanging out with Jack!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catching up with the H!

Little nugget is on a fast track to growing up big, strong and TALL!  Her last well visit had her weighing in at 14 lbs and 27" long!  At four months!  She is in the 97th percentile for height!  The BOO part of her visit was the icky shots.  But she, again, handled it better than Mommy but it sure made her grumpy for the rest of the night and into the next day.  We go back at 6 months for another weigh in and another dose of shots...I believe there will be less shots that visit.  I can only hope.

The doc said that she is ready for trying solids if we first I was super excited and I think T still is but we just haven't tried it yet.  And, when they say "solids," they really mean a very soupy rice cereal that is mixed with either formula or breast milk.  Since I have a ton of frozen breast milk in the freezer, I am going to try and mix her cereal with that when the time comes.  I sure don't want that liquid gold to go to waste.  There was some serious pumping action to make that happen.  I will probably mix half of the BM with half formula to be sure that her digestive system can handle it.

We haven't had our first day at the pool yet - although we tried planning it twice.  The first time it was a bit too cool for swimming and the second time I was trying to recover from a weekend of horrible disappointment so I was pretty wiped out.  But we will get there eventually and little Ms H will be more than ready!  We have a sun hat, sunglasses, bathing suit and swimmers.  I also have a raft that she can sit in that has a shade overhead.  I am really excited for her first time in the pool.  I know T is as well and that was another reason we haven't gone as of yet.  I want T to be able to experience her first time with me.

She is growing up so much!  She is starting to enjoy her bouncer a lot more and will stay in it for about five more minutes than she used to.  She is becoming more consistent with being able to roll from her back to her belly but still has a bit of difficulty with the other direction.  But she is oh so close!!  Just that daggone arm that is in the way!!  But, once she is on her belly, she doesn't mind it too much.  She is starting to reach for her toys and even tries pulling her legs under her...early signs of crawling!

Umm, ok...just went up there when she awoke from a nap...she laid there playing with froggy and rolled from back to belly and then back again!!

I'm not sure if she teething or not but there have quite a few screaming tantrums and chewing her entire fist has become a passion of her's.  She loves hearing her voice - the louder the better.  She will make you feel guilty about eating by staring you down, watching the food enter your mouth and then act like she is chewing.  She wants so badly to be a big girl!

New pics to come...