Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You made a new friend today at the Y.  Her name is Candace, she looks to be about 2 years old.  When the nice lady was bringing you over to me, she was following closely talking softly up to you.  The lady brought you down to her level so that you both could say goodbye.  You girls hugged and she kissed you sweetly on your forehead.  Your crazy, obsessive, anti-germ mommy wiped you down from head to toe with a wipey when we got to the car!  But it sure was sweet!

I was worried today when I saw Erin, your favorite girl in the child care area (just like your Aunt Erin!), come walking through the cardio section of the gym.  I instantly had a knot in my stomach that something was wrong or that you were upset.  But she never came up to me.  When I mentioned my reaction while picking you up, she said "are you kidding?  Hayden is awesome!  Always smiling and having a good time with the other kids!"

We saw a prairie dog on the way to the car after the gym.  They are everywhere out there and don't mind people at all.  We stood and watched him hang out.  You seemed quite fascinated.

We looked for a walker of some sort for you over the weekend and didn't like anything we found - I will need to find something online.  But I did pull out an old toy of your big sissy for you to try out.  Take a look!


That upper tooth is coming in...and letting you know about it too.  You have had such a tough time with this teething business.  I feel so bad for you.  I hate when you are hurting and there isn't a whole lot I can do - however, I am fully loaded with Ibuprofen, teething tablets and Orajel.  But you still have a tough time during the night.  And, as a result, so do I.

But the good news is, Grandma will be here this weekend and Grandpa isn't too far behind!  He will be here in the middle of the month!  This is a great month of catching up with your Louisville blood!  I am very excited and I know you will enjoy seeing them outside of the box!

You tried some pineapple today in your mesh feeder...you weren't totally thrilled but you didn't hate it either.  So far, not big on fruit.  I think you have my NON sweet tooth.  And that's not a totally bad thing.  But you do love your puffs and your peas.  You also love whole wheat bread!  And you get super excited when I start to bring your sippy cup over.  It's the little things in life, right?

Tomorrow you will be hanging out with Aunt Erin while I hit a couple of meetings and a huge grocery trip.  Thursday you will be hanging with Daddy and Aunt Erin so that I can get the house super awesome ready for your Grandma! 

Love you sweetie!