Monday, August 9, 2010

My sweetest Hayden Grace.  I haven't had a chance to catch up on your blog due to many nights of limited sleep (which means I am super tired by the time I have a chance to type...well, with two hands).

Since the last post, you have just grown even more.  We are still a great team.  This is the last week of our 5 week swimming lesson session.  You do pretty well...other than when you had a stomach bug (unknown to us before we went to swim) and you vomitted in large quantities in the pool!  Ha!  It is funny looking back on it but I was pretty worried about you and wanted to be sure you were ok.  Unfortunately, the bug held on to you for a couple of days but you pushed through and your body is now even stronger for it!

You LOVE to swim!  You do pretty well at lessons.  I think if Ms Annie would hold off letting you play with the toys you would do even better.  Once the toy hits your gum line, you are history!

You also love swimming at the Y.  We were just there Saturday with Daddy, Tay and Amber.  You splashed, kicked, went under water and even jumped toward me off of the wall.  You had such a great time until you absolutely crashed.  You slept hard in the car!

Daddy and I are wondering what is going to happen with your crawling.  We both think that you are going to be more like he was as a baby and skip crawling all together.  You LOVE to stand and are already pulling yourself up on your own...with minimal help from me.  Whatever you start with, however you do it, whenever it's all good to me.  I love watching you learn and seeing how strong you are!

Yesterday we had a sighting of a tooth!  Lower right front is definitely making its appearance.  I am thinking, by the time the weekend rolls around, we are going to have a good look at your first tooth.  And it couldn't come a moment too soon.  You have had quite a time with it.  I can tell that it hurts like crazy.  My usual happy-go-lucky, laughing and smiling baby girl has been crying out in pain at night.  I hate it!  But we have found that Infant Tylenol (generic) and Baby Oragel works wonders.  Even though you have still had some restless nights, at least you aren't in total pain. 

As much as I am going to miss your gummy smile, I can't wait to see your smile evolve. 

You are SLOWLY enjoying solids a little more.  You are becoming an expert at picking up your food and getting it to your mouth.  Of course Jackson has had quite the treats lately.  With all of the puffs, peas and green beans that have fallen on the floor!  Easier on me though...less to clean.

I just can't believe how much you are growing up.  You are such a little person with the best personality.  You laugh ALL THE TIME!  I have never seen a baby laugh as much as you.  It's awesome.  You are very aware of Skype now and, whenever I sign on, you stare at the screen waiting to see who we will be visiting.

Needless to say, I am very proud of you and love you so much!  Can't wait to see that tooth soon!

Sweet dreams sweet girl.

Your Momma